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My name is Isabella and I am a multi-disciplinary artist.


As an only child I spent many hours and days entertaining myself.  I loved to draw, sing and most importantly create things with my hands. As I grew older, this obsession to create never subsided. This then led me to spend 3 years doing a Masters of Design degree in hope to quench my hunger for further artistic development.  

For the love of cats

​Your wouldn't believe it but I actually started out as a "Cat Photographer". I bought a little cat named Momo in 2003. I was so obsessed with him that I took photos of him everyday and strangers saw my photos and started to offer me money to photograph their cats. So I started visiting Cat Shows in Sydney with a small portable studio set up. I literally took photos of hundreds of cats of different breeds.


One day my animal agent called me up saying that a cat food brand wanted to hire my black and white cat Ebby for a photoshoot. I accepted the assignment only to find that the photographer hired was a fashion photographer and didn't know anything about cats. She struggled and in the end I helped her to get the best shot possible as her studio was a massive space and the cat felt insecure and completely refused to work. Little did I know, the Brand Manager was actually sitting there watching the entire debacle. He came up to me afterwards and offered me a rebranding gig for a new cat food label they were working on. Fast forward a year later my other cat Dinky became the face of Ultimates Indulge cat food and the rest was history.

For the love of flowers

While I was studying my design degree, I was offered an opportunity to become a florist assistant to assist a lady who did floral design for a non profit group. She was also flooded with wedding bookings, so with plenty of practice, I mastered my technical floristry skills quickly. However this skill set was packed away for a while until March 2017 my wedding. Yes you heard right I was the florist for my own wedding. I also decided to launch a floristry and styling business (WILDFLOWER CONCEPTS) with my new husband and best friend in April 2017. Due to my love of flowers you will see a lot of references to flowers in my photography and blog. I am a girly girl after all.

For the love of Taylor

On 20 June 2018 a new obsession was born. His name is Taylor, my son. He rocks my world and he is literally the most beautiful baby that crawls this planet. (I am allowed to say this because I am his mother and I am obsessed.) He gives me new inspiration to pick up my camera again after many years.

Finally... about what I actually do...

I was a Masters of Design graduate from The College of Fine Arts at University of New South Wales. I am a skilled photographer with good understanding of studio photography. My design background gives me the edge to style and build photography sets, to the extent of custom building of set elements. Floristry is my strong suit so I use a lot of botanical references in my sets. I am a trained graphic designer hence I have a good understanding of colours, object balance, scale and hierarchy. This means I often work as both the Stylist and Photographer in most cases.


I hope you enjoy this site as much as I enjoy making it. If you have any requests, questions or wish to collaborate, please don't hesitate to drop me a line.

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